5 Steps to Stencil an Accent Wall

Now that I have revealed D’s otomí nursery, I promised I would give you a DIY on how to stencil an accent wall. Well, to be honest, there are tons of DIY tutorials on how to stencil a wall on the internet, including this video. Instead of sharing a tutorial with you, I’ll share 5 easy steps to stencil an accent wall!

Gender neutral nursery with otomi stenciled wall

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5 Steps Before You Stencil an Accent Wall

1. Choosing the best wall

In order to create an accent wall, you’ll want to find the perfect wallspace. Ideally, it’s best to consider a wall that stands alone without any windows or doors. Locating the wall that is the first one you and your guests see is ideal. Finally, you’ll want to consider the side where your wall gets the best lighting. That be, natural sunlight or lights that gleam toward the wall.

The best accent wall should be the focal point of your room. Therefore, make sure that you plan ahead and know where you will set your furniture so that your accent wall remains the main point of attraction.

Stenciling accent wall for nursery

2. Finding the best stencil for your accent wall

I’d have to say that this was the easiest part as we knew what type of wall stencil to use. Since we decided to do an otomí inspired nursery theme, all I did was search online for an otomí stencil! I thought it was going to be difficult to find this type of pattern, but luckily I found the perfect stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils!

We bought this Otomí Stencil Pattern, which includes a single overlay sheet and top part stencil to complete the pattern on any surface.

I would definitely recommend Cutting Edge Stencils as the stencil sheets are made out of plastic and they are thick enough for the paint not to bleed through. In addition, the plastic is sturdy enough to clean it and reuse it for another project!

3. Choosing the right colors for your accent wall

When stenciling a wall, you’ll want to make sure to use contrasting colors between the background and the stencil itself. Because our design for the nursery was gender neutral, we wanted pastel colors that would not be overwhelming for an accent wall.

For the stencil, we used the Cupola color and the Shiplap color for the background. These two colors are from the Magnolia Home by KILZ,  which can only be purchased at your local ACE Hardware.

Tools for stenciling accent wall

4. Using the right tools

In addition to the wall stencil and paint colors, you should be prepared to gather a couple supplies before you start your project.

I recommend the Stencil Essentials Kit from Cutting Edge Stencils. The kit includes a foam roller, a bristle stencil brush, and a stencil level that clips on the stencil sheet.

In addition, the following are other items that are basically a must in stenciling a wall:

  • Painters tape. We bought this one at ACE Hardware
  • Masking paper to cover hard floors. We bought this one at ACE Hardware
  • Step stool. We bought this one on Amazon
  • A pencil
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable paper plates

5. Having a partner to help

I’m guilty to admit this but I have a difficult time asking for help especially when it comes to tasks that I want to have full control on!

However, being that I was 6 months pregnant when working on this project, I didn’t want to go up on a step stool, lose my balance, and fall! Luckily, I had my hubby to help. As much as I told him what and what not to do, it was helpful to get his suggestions, especially when it came to aligning the stencil well using the level.

Ultimately, it was such a fun project! Painting a stenciled accent wall was not difficult at all, but it takes time to plan and execute it. It’s always exciting to look at the details of the stenciled wall and to know that this was a labor of love in getting D’s nursery ready!

Otomi stenciled wall for nursery

I hope these steps are helpful as you plan to use wall stencils for your next project. Want some decor inspiration and see the finished product of the nursery? Check out this blogpost.

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