Gender Neutral Nursery Designs

After brainstorming from our initial ideas for our baby’s nursery, I had lots of fun creating a layout of the nursery with various pieces of furniture! I essentially went down to three different options. All of these designs would incorporate a bit of cultura, neutral colors, and pieces of furniture that would fit the dimensions of the room.

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Knowing the size of your nursery to fit furniture

After brainstorming ideas for the nursery, I had to figure out the design. But in order to know which furniture to consider, I had to measure the room first. The room for the nursery is 11 x 10, so we had to find furniture that wouldn’t take much room. The fundamental pieces of furniture we wanted was a crib, changing table/dresser, a rocking chair, and a bookcase.

Here are the three different designs I created!

Nursery Design #1

Gender-neutral nursery design with cactus

Part of my inspiration for the first design was the cactus plant. I wanted a pop of color from this plant since the furniture for this particular design is very light and would complement a plant like this one. In addition, I searched for a geometric area that would incorporate an aztec design for the nursery. The rug is already neutral in itself so I knew that it would go well with either genders.

The wooded color of the crib and beige rocking chair would add warmth to the nursery. The popular HEMNES dresser from IKEA was what I wanted over anything else in the nursery, therefore I felt that this particular dresser would fit well with the rest of the furniture pieces.

Nursery Design #2

Otomi inspired gender-neutral nursery minimalist design

One of my favorite patterns in Mexican textiles is the Otomí. The otomí is an embroidery style that uses vibrant colors, and unique floral and animal designs. Because of the bright colors and animals, it would complement a nursery so well. In addition, this would add a pop of color to the furniture and rug selected for this particular design. This was by far my favorite design because of the bright colors represented in the textile that would eventually be hung against the wall by the crib.

I love the contrast of white and pine wood colors from the Babyletto Lolly crib! It makes it look modern and minimalist. I thought that a gray rocking chair would go well with the colors of the crib and having a white dresser would go well with the rest of the furniture pieces. Since the otomí textile adds a lot of color, going for a neutral rug, such as a beige one with minimal designs would well in this particular nursery design.

Nursery Design #3

Blue and pink gender-neutral nursery design with llama

The final design I created was inspired by the baby color pallet from my brainstorming ideas. Although I am not a fan of gendered colors, I like the concept of incorporating both baby blue and light pink. I think it would be fitting for a gender-neutral nursery. The pink and blue rug would go so well with this particular design because of the white crib and light wood dresser.

Instead of a rocking chair, a standing animal like a llama would go so well with this particular nursery design. One that I especially liked was this one from Pottery Barn Kids.

Creating the nursery designs was an exciting project to do. Ultimately, we had to decide on one that would best fit the dimensions of the room. We also wanted a gender-neutral nursery that would have a touch of our cultura.

Stay tuned to see which design I ended with!

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