Brainstorming Decor Ideas for Gender Neutral Nursery

When Alex and I were expecting, we agreed to not find out the sex of the baby until they were born. One of the most overwhelming aspects of baby planning was figuring out decor for the nursery. We decided to go with a gender-neutral nursery hoping that regardless of what we would have, it would be a fitting and comforting place! If you are unsure where to start, below are some tips I recommend as you plan a gender-neutral nursery.

Tips on how to brainstorm a gender-neutral nursery

1. Think about an overarching theme

One aspect that I wanted to incorporate was to add a touch of cultura. This was finding pieces that show some parts of our Mexican roots. Whether if it was an Otomí or Zapotec textile, cactus plant, or artisan toy, adding some aspect of cultura was the basis of my inspiration for the nursery.

Many people think that a nursery theme has to be concrete, however it can be subjective. The theme can touch on other sub-themes. Be creative with this! Essentially, you are creating an environment for your baby for them to sleep, read, and play.

2. Choose a neutral color palette

I had to figure out a color palette for the nursery. If we wanted a gender neutral nursery, I wanted to be intentional of incorporating colors that would be fitting for a boy or girl. I wanted to keep the colors as neutral as possible so that they can compliment bold colors as well.

I recommend muted or neutral colors that would go with different textures, patterns, and bold colors. Some colors to think about are light grays, hues of soft warm and/or cool colors. Essentially, you’ll want to make sure that the color palette sets a good tone for the nursery. Below are some color palettes to consider:

Gender neutral nursery color palette

3. Go with furniture pieces that will last long and that are neutral in color

From the get-go, I didn’t want to buy a matching nursery set. I love the combination of unmatched furniture pieces, simply because we felt it was the most economical and practical option. Eventually, baby will be growing out of the furniture and would make sense to repurpose them thereafter. For example, I would buy a dresser and use it as a changing table. Once the baby grows older, it can be used as a dresser.

Below are some furniture pieces that would match but not necessarily come in a set.

Babyletto Lolly crib with IKEA dresser for gender-neutral nursery

4. Add contrasting colors, patterns, and textures

In going with the Mexican cultural theme we selected, there were so many options when considering the myriad of textures and patterns there are. Not to mention, there are so many bold colors that would complement well with a muted color palette.

One of the biggest benefits in using a gender-neutral nursery is that you can add a mix of contrasting colors, patterns, and textures. Now, I’m not saying to go wild with this but when sticking with the theme, you’ll be surprised how far you can go!

5. Enjoy and have fun!

Alex and I truly enjoyed researching and planning for our baby’s gender neutral nursery. Every time we planned, bought decor, and got to work on the nursery, it got us excited and took us one step closer to the birth of our baby.

I highly suggest that you enjoy and have fun planning and decorating your baby’s nursery. As much as there are tons of resources for inspiration on the web, make this room your style. Your baby will be in this room for many hours during the day. As long as it’s a safe place, you will create wonderful memories with your baby!

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