Episode 13: VLM Spotlight: A Mami Musician with Ani Cordero

In this Viva la Mami Spotlight, you will hear how Ani Cordero navigated mamihood while being a musician at the same time and how she leaned into her village of family, friends, and her husband who is also in the creative arts.

Ani Cordero is the creator of “Mama’s In the Band,” a blog that provides life advice for musicians juggling mama life. On top of that, Ani is a Puerto Rican songwriter, drummer, and mamá living in New York. She writes songs of resistance that pair defiance and jubilance and has toured internationally with bands like Pistolera, Os Mutantes, as well as with her own band. 

Her music has received accolades from NPR’s All Things Considered, Alt-Latino, Billboard, USA Today, PRI The World, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Remezcla, and more.

It was an honor and privilege to interview Ani. She provides so much wisdom as someone who did not leave her passion and calling as a musician. Whether if you are a new mami in the fine arts or if you have a different profession, so much of what she shares can be applicable to understanding the nuances of a working mami. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did, now here is my conversacion with Ani Cordero!

You can connect with Ani Cordero on ⁠her website⁠ and ⁠blog⁠. ⁠Listen to her music on Spotify⁠. You can also follow her on ⁠Instagram⁠ and ⁠Facebook⁠.

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