Episode 1: Meet Jessica Cuevas, Creator of Viva la Mami

Hola amiga! This is Jessica and I am the creator of the Viva la Mami podcast. In this episode, I share my story before becoming a mami and a brief overview of my madrehood journey (I didn’t go too much into detail since I’ll be sharing more about my journey in coming episodes).  I also share what inspired me to create this podcast. 

For many, motherhood can lead to a sense of isolation, but when you add the extra layer of your Latinidad, the concept of feeling “ni de aquí ni de allá” can resonate for many as Latina mamis.

The purpose of this podcast is so that we create a safe space with other Latina mamis so that we can each learn from each other, our experiences and our stories as we learn to redefine the meaning of madrehood. My hope is for you to feel some level of validation and reassurance that you’re not in your journey.

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