Episode 6: Being Intentional When Raising Bilingual and Bicultural Children with Mónica Tato

In this episode, we welcome Mónica Tato from ¡Viva! Kids Learning. Monica is a mother of two who is raising bilingual and bicultural children. She was born and raised in Honduras and came to the United States to pursue her studies. After receiving her master’s degree in Neuropsychology, she worked in community behavioral health as a Licensed Professional Counselor on the US-Mexico border for almost 10 years.

Once Monica became a mami, she knew she wanted to raise her children bilingual and be connected to their heritage. Seeing the lack of resources readily available and feeling like finding books or games in Spanish was more like a scavenger hunt, she decided to create Viva Kids. 

Viva Kids is a place where parents can come find community, information and tools necessary when raising bilingual and bicultural children. Her Instagram and Facebook pages celebrate the diversity of our cultura and also provides information related to cultural identity and how to incorporate culture in everyday routine. 

In this interview, we talk about her identity formation as an Hondurena in the United States and how she has been intentional when raising bilingual children.

Her shop, La Tiendita, is a market place created to support bilingual educators and parents raising bilingual and bicultural children. The books and toys selections are carefully curated to include authentic books that reflect our culture, provide social-emotional learning resources in Spanish, honor the beauty and are a reflection of our diversity,  and traditional stories that can continue to be passed down to the next generations. Viva Kids Learning is dedicated to supporting Hispanic/Latina women, small businesses and authors.

We had a great conversation and I hope you learn so much about Monica as well as her business.

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