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Episode 53. Best of VLM: Speech Therapy for Bilingual Children with Liliana Diaz-Vazquez

You’re listening to the Best of VLM episode series featuring the most popular episodes of the Viva la Mami podcast!

In this episode, we have Liliana Diaz-Vazquez with us, and in this interview, we talk about the benefits of speech therapy and common misconceptions among the Latinx community, and she shares her expertise as a practicing speech language pathologist, as well as what inspired her to create her business.

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Resource mentioned in the episode: ⁠A Parent’s Guide to Bilingualism⁠ 

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About The Guest

Liliana Diaz-Vazquez from Bilingual Speechie

Liliana Diaz-Vazquez, owner and founder of Bilingual Speechie, LLC

Liliana is a certified, licensed bilingual speech language pathologist (SLP) currently practicing in Chicago, Illinois. She has extensive experience working with the bilingual population. Liliana specializes in pediatrics and predominantly works with bilingual English-Spanish-speaking children in the school setting. Her areas of expertise include augmentative/alternative communication (AAC), bilingual language development and language delays/disorders in bilingual & multilingual children.

Liliana is also owner of Bilingual Speechie, a speech therapy business dedicated to providing inclusive and engaging resources and activities for bilingual children, parents and SLPs. Learn more about bilingualism and bilingual parenting over on Liliana’s website & social media pages in the links provided in the show notes.

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