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Episode 60: How to Teach Your Children Good Money Habits with Adriana Talks Dinero

I want you to do a little bit of reflection, and ask yourself.. How was my relationship with money growing up and how is it now? You see, our experiences in our childhood and upbringing does shape our views about money where it can impact us today as adults, especially as mamis. Although this is not a personal finance podcast whatsoever, it is so important that we talk about money and the way we are teaching our kids about money.

Many of us are daughters of immigrants or descendants of immigrants where our families were not able to thrive at the same speed as other families, and this was mostly due to making ends meet. But now that most of us are learning about financial freedom, investing, and all of these strategies we are just hearing of, shifting to a positive money mindset can help us not only love our dinero but talk about it to our children.

On this episode, I have the privilege of having a very special guest! Adriana Galvan, the driving force behind Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC, is with us today! She discusses the importance of cultivating a positive money mindset, delayed gratification, and shares tips on how to teach children about financial responsibility through budgeting, investing, and transparent conversations.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to change our mindset about money from scarcity to abundance.
  • What not to say about money in front of kids.
  • How we can avoid the negative money mindset and overcome our money traumas.
  • Action steps moms can take when it comes to modeling an abundance mindset.

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About Our Guest

Adriana Galvan, owner and founder of Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC

Adriana Galvan, the driving force behind Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC, has a rich background rooted in resilience and determination. As the eldest daughter of immigrant parents from Tamaulipas and Oaxaca, Mexico, and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she embodies the fusion of diverse cultures and experiences. Education was a cornerstone in her upbringing, leading her to pursue a double MBA in her 20s.

Entrepreneurship flows in Adriana’s veins, prompting her to establish her own business venture over a year and a half ago. Her passion lies in demystifying the often-taboo subject of money. Adriana finds fulfillment in empowering women and the BIPOC community by sharing insights on budgeting, investing, travel hacking, negotiating pay, and asset protection. Through her work, she not only educates but also inspires others to achieve financial empowerment and security.

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