Episode 17: VLM Spotlight: A Neurodiverse Familia with Gabriela Serna, Part 1

In this episode, we welcome mi tia, Gabriela Serna. Mi Tia Gaby is not the type of tia you may think of. I consider her the cool tia, the one that you trust and look up to. After all, she is six years older than me and because I am the oldest daughter, mi Tia Gaby is like my big sister.

In this Viva la Mami Spotlight episode, and part 1 of 2 episodes, you will hear mi tia Gaby’s story about having a neurodiverse familia and raising twins, one in which is neurotypical and the other neurodivergent.

Quick definition lesson here… a neurodiverse family includes people with a range of different types of brain within a household. Also, neurodivergent refers to a person whose brain processes information in a way that is not typical of most individuals.

As a Latina mom, mi tia not only had to advocate for herself and her children but she has also spoken up for many parents she knows about breaking stigmas and taboos as it relates to mental disorders, like autism and ADHD. I’m sure many mamis will be able to relate to her story, and I hope you get something out of this conversation I had with her.

In this episode, you will hear about

  • Some of the signs that were noticed before a child is diagnosed with autism
  • When to know the right time to seek professional help for a neurodivergent child
  • How the Latinx community can break stigmas and taboos about mental disorders, like autism and ADHD
  • How madrehood looks like when raising neurodiverse twins

As mentioned, this is the first episode of two with mi tia Gaby. This first episode is all about her children and next week’s episode is all about her being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and how she has navigated her madrehood journey as a neurodiverse family.

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