Karina Mora from Elevating La Cultura

Episode 22: VLM Spotlight: A Mami Who Reclaimed Her Cultura with Karina Mora

Many of us have gone through some sort of dissonance between our identidad as Latinas and mainstream culture where out of survival, we had to assimilate.

On this week’s VLM Spotlight episode, we are welcoming Karina Mora, who shares her devotion of helping people reclaim their cultura so they can empower future generations to live their most authentic selves.

Karina Mora is a professional photographer, speaker, podcaster, and homeschool mami. She is devoted to helping people reclaim their cultural legacies as she elevates her Mexican culture through photography, guided trips to Mexico, and her podcast Elevating La Cultura. She works to bridge past generations to the next generations by reclaiming her cultural legacy, while also shifting the narrative in how she pours into her own children. 

She currently lives in Chicago with her two kids and husband where they just purchased a building where they can host workshops, small events, and various creative projects that elevate the importance of cultural legacy. 

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • How we can heal from assimilation by the American culture.
  • How first-gen or second-gen mamis can bridge between the generations before us and the ones that come after us as it relates to passing on our culture.
  • The many ways we can reclaim our culture.

If you’ve ever been forced to assimilate in the US and are now wanting to find ways to reclaim your culture, I invite you to listen to this VLM Spotlight episode with Karina Mora. She is a testament of how one can move past assimilation in order to reclaim her cultural legacy.

You can visit Karina Mora’s website at karinamora.com and you can connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn

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