Criss Madrigal

Episode 27: How to Find Clarity and Balance as Mamás with Criss Madrigal

As soon as we become mamás, our identity shifts where we may find ourselves lost or confused about who we are as women. We may not have the clarity of what makes meaning of this new identity and we may make decisions that are not clear based on our personal values and goals. This is why I invited someone to help us get an understanding of how we can shift our mindset to refocus on ourselves and understand the difference between being a woman and a mother.

Today, we welcome Criss Madrigal, who is a certified life and mindset coach. She is also a corporate mom and human resources professional, who has spent the last 18 years working at a Fortune 500.

She has a deep passion to help working mothers break the self imposed barriers that create mom guilt, overwhelm and burnout to achieve a daily state of clarity, balance and confidence to put themselves first as a woman to then find their purpose and achieve their desired goals in life.

Criss wants women all around the world to know they have it in them to achieve greatness and success, and it is all INSIDE of them! Criss is happily married with three children, two of which are identical twins!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How to shift your mindset to prioritize yourself.
  • How we can separate the terms “woman” and “mother.”
  • How we can bring back the focus once we become mamás.
  • What strategies to use so that we don’t get to say “I don’t have enough time.”

Resources mentioned in the interview:

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