Anna Calix from Gifts From Liam

Episode 38: VLM Spotlight: How a Bereaved Mami’s Profession Became Her Passion with Anna Calix

In this Viva la Mami Spotlight Episode, we welcome Anna Calix who has dedicated her career to helping other disadvantaged moms and babies thrive. Her profession became her passion when her first child, Liam, was stillborn on his due date in 2016.

She is committed to supporting fellow bereaved parents in their journeys while working toward reducing pregnancy and infant loss through support and education so that fewer families have to live this same experience. 

Anna achieves this work through the nonprofit she founded, Gifts from Liam. Diaper need is a growing issue in the US, with half of all babies lacking sufficient diapers to stay clean, dry and healthy. Gifts from Liam’s diaper assistance programs are a cornerstone of the organization’s work.


  1. Donate diapers from their ⁠Amazon Wishlist⁠.
  2. Give a monetary donation: ⁠⁠ 
  3. CHICAGOLAND – To drop off your donation in person, find the location closest to you: ⁠⁠

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

National Bereavement Groups

Chicago Area Bereavement Groups

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