Episode 4: VLM Spotlight: A Loss Mami with Valeria Castillo

One in four pregnancies lead to a miscarriage. Even though this is a sad reality, oftentimes we are not equipped to endure this traumatic experience. As Latinas, we grew up to shove it under the rug. However, it is important to tell our stories, seek support, and find the resources needed to cope and grieve with pregnancy loss.

In this VLM Spotlight, I interview Valeria Castillo, a lost mami. Valeria shares her story with her first and second pregnancies and we also talk about how our cultura as Latinas can often make an impact in the way we grieve and experience loss. Valeria also shares how she has navigated this new normal and provides ways that have helped her cope with her loss by seeking therapy and connecting with other mamis and parents who have also gone through loss.

Valeria is an educator and working mamá with one living child. Her familia honors their beautiful daughter in the stars every day.

You can follow her on Instagram: ⁠https://www.instagram.com/valcastillo__/⁠

For mamis in the Northern Illinois area, here is information about the Haven Network that was discussed in this episode:

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