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Episode 49: VLM Spotlight: Mindful Parenting and Overcoming Mom Guilt with Emily Daisy Gasca

In this Viva la Mami Spotlight episode, we welcome educator and mami of three, Emily Daisy Gasca. She opens up about her experiences with parenting and talks about her approach to discipline and childhood development. We engage in a rich discussion about effective parenting techniques and the importance of doing the work as parents. With personal experiences woven into her personal and professional insights, Emily explores the significance of discipline for children, the need to understand and cater to different children’s personalities, and how to effectively nurture and guide children based on their unique strengths and needs. 

Emily Gasca is the founder of The Reading Environmental Specialist. She currently serves as the MTSS Lead and Bilingual Reading Interventionist for grades k-8th at an elementary school in Chicago. She has been an early childhood educator for over 17 years. Her passion in education has led her to begin her journey as The Reading Environmental Specialist. Emily is now on a mission to share her framework to cultivate a reading environment that is filled with joy and love for reading.

In this episode, Emily touches upon her journey with her children, especially with her second child who had certain developmental delays, and how she sought early interventions and therapies to aid his improvement. Emily also delves into her parenting strategies, balancing love and discipline, and how different parenting styles can actually benefit the growth and adaptability of children. Staying mindful of one’s presence and words, establishing clear communication with the children, and carving out ‘me-time’ within the daily routine are some of the crucial tips she offers.

Emily is married to her grammar school sweetheart and together, they have three children. They live in the Southeast side of Chicago. Emily loves reading and writing, she is also a global speaker and has recently started her podcast for educators, moms, wives, and women who are on a mission to equip our future generations in a loving and joyful environment. She is devoted to spreading the gospel and bringing biblical principles backed by research-based evidence to help grow our future generations into strong leaders rooted in integrity, moral character, confidence, and boldness.

On this Episode, You’ll Hear:

  • The importance of early childhood development.
  • How we can unlearn and relearn from traditional parenting.
  • How mom guilt shows up in our parenting.

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