Jasmine Lopez from Mentally Mutual: and The Firehouse Dream

Episode 50: Raising Financially Aware Kids with Jasmine Lopez

I have been wanting to do an episode about this because it is so important to talk about dinero with our loved ones, especially our kids!

Our guest today is the remarkably accomplished Jasmine Lopez, a wife, mother of three, and creative entrepreneur with over two decades of professional experience. 

Jasmine Lopez is a Latina creative, owner of Mentally Mutual and Co-founder/Executive Director of a creative arts non profit called The Firehouse Dream. Jasmine authentically shares her story with how she went from bankruptcy to living intentionally and purposefully. She believes when we have a healthy relationship with self, the world and money, we can have a thriving life that is built out of what brings us each joy and meaning. Jasmine invites you to journey with her as she shares how she was able to find healing and purpose through her story.

In this episode, we explore Jasmine’s perspective on financial trauma, healing, and importantly, raising financially aware kids. She shares great tips about why it’s important to raise financially aware kids, age-appropriate conversations about money, and how to talk to them about money as well. We will also hear Jasmine’s personal money journey from experiencing significant loss to redefining success and discovering abundant living. 

In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

  • Why it is important to raise financially aware kids.
  • When it’s the right time to talk to kids about money.
  • How we can heal from financial trauma to ensure that the next generation doesn’t fall into the same cycle.
  • How we can talk to your children about money.

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Financial Literacy Books Discussed:

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