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Episode 55: Best of VLM: How to Bring Back Your Sex Life with Ana Lopez from Sex in Spanglish

Today, we are replaying one of our most popular episodes of the Viva la Mami podcast!

Have you ever wondered why there is so much shame about sex in the Latinx community or why these teachings and beliefs are so ingrained in us that it may affect our sex lives? If you are a mami-to-be, a new mami, or an experienced mami who is curious about having “the talk” you wish you had con tu mama, make sure to tune in because on this episode, we are going to talk about sex!

In this episode, we welcome Ana Lopez who is a certified, Latina sex coach and doctoral student on human sexuality (oh hey future, Doctora!). She is the founder of Sex in Spanglish. She is on a mission to help mujeres ditch the shame around sex and teaches them how to have guilt-free pleasure. She is passionate about helping her clients, which the majority of them are mamis, to bring back their sex life.

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About Our Guest

Latina Sex Coach from Sex in Spanglish

Ana Lopez, owner and founder of Sex in Spanglish

Ana Lopez, MSW, MEd, is a Latina, sexpert and Certified Sex & Life Coach. Her purpose in life is to sexually liberate women everywhere but she holds a special place in her heart for la comunidad Latina. Ana’s work includes destigamatizing sexual pleasure and desire and encouraging Latinas to talk about sex just like they do with chisme.

As the owner of Sex in Spanglish she empowers Latinx women by coaching them through sexual issues and frustrations utilizing science-based sex education and her background in therapy. Ana’s goal for her clients is to help them embrace, both, their culture and their sexuality sin vergüenza.

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