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Episode 56: Best of VLM: How to Incorporate Montessori at Home with Latinx Montessori

Today, we are replaying one of our most popular episodes of the Viva la Mami podcast!

In this episode, we welcome Leslie Buch. She is the creator behind @Latinx.Montessori. Leslie is on a mission to help bring awareness and support to parents who are interested in incorporating the Montessori Philosophy as a parenting tool and at home.

Leslie has over 12 years of experience and is a Certified Montessori Guide and a mami of a toddler. She and her husband see the importance of providing a positive family dynamic and foster a common parenting style, where Leslie educates many parents and caregivers through her courses and other resources shared through her social media accounts.

Want to know how you can incorporate Montessori at home? Listen to my conversation with Leslie from Latinx Montessori!

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About Our Guest

Latinx Montessori

Leslie Buch, co-owner and founder of Latinx Montessori

Leslie is a Montessori Certified Guide, CMI, with over 12 years of professional experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies and a certification in Child Life. Leslie is on a mission to help support the growth and development of children. With the right tools and proper guidance, parents can navigate parenthood with confidence and assertion! Her goal is to equip parents with knowledge to help them construct a strong foundation for their child’s life.

Through evidence-based strategies and a scientific approach, Leslie aims to empower and provide parents with tools to make Montessori at home this possible. Latinx Montessori sees the importance of providing a positive family dynamic and foster a common parenting style.

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