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Episode 63: Strategies For Achieving Balance As A Latina Mom

In this episode I discuss the challenges of finding balance in motherhood, especially for modern Latina moms. As moms, we try to do everything on our own, such as managing household chores, but the importance of delegation and time management is crucial if you want to create balance.

On this episode, I provide practical strategies for achieving balance, including delegating tasks, effective time management, prioritizing self-care, and embracing imperfection. Navigating the complexities of motherhood while fulfilling both cultural expectations and individual needs can be challenging, so I’m here to empower you with tools and support to find your rhythm in the chaos of madrehood.

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about building strategies that can help you achieve balance:

  • How can you delegate tasks and chores?
  • How can you manage your time effectively?
  • How can you prioritize self-care, even if it’s just a few minutes a day?
  • How can you communicate your needs to your partner or family?
  • How can you embrace imperfection and celebrate your progress?

This podcast episode is a blend of personal insights, practical tips, and community support for moms seeking to navigate motherhood efficiently.

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About Jessica Cuevas

Jessica is the founder and creator of Viva la Mami, LLC a community centered around Latina motherhood. Jessica created this platform after not finding empowering stories about experiences of Latina moms. She realized that there was a lack of representation in this space and felt there was a need for mamis to share their stories and to learn more about the nuances about motherhood through a cultural lens.

Viva la Mami’s mission is to empower the modern Latina mom to redefine the meaning of madrehood through education, story-telling, and cultural relevance all while bringing comunidad together.

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