Episode 7: Bilingual Parenting with Diandra Morse

In this episode, we welcome Diandra Morse from Bilingual Playdate. Diandra Morse, LCSW is a Dominican American Afro Latina Licensed Clinical Social Worker, raised in both the Dominican Republic and New York City. Diandra currently lives in Upstate NY and is raising two Spanish/English bilingual boys alongside her husband, who’s a non native speaker of Spanish. She has over 10 years of experience in trauma treatment, child advocacy, and identifying the social emotional needs of children and their families. 

Following her passion for supporting children and families, Diandra created Bilingual Playdate, an Instagram account dedicated to parents and educators of bilingual children. Diandra uses her Bilingual Playdate platform to highlight resources available to parents and educators of bilingual children, provide education around language variations and linguistic oppression, and support the intentional use of Spanish indoors and outdoors via Spanish vocabulary cheat sheets and play based ideas.

Diandra and I had such an impactful conversation about raising bilingual children as first-generation/1.5 generation Latinas in the United States and how we should give ourselves grace in this journey. She shares great tips, que hasta me dejó con la boca abierta! I’m sure you will leave with so much empowerment after you listen to our conversation and leave with some tools as you’re raising bilingual children.

You can follow Diandra from Bilingual Playdate on ⁠Instagram⁠.

Here are the resources that Diandra shares in our conversation:

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