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Episode 78: Reconnecting With Our Ancestors Through Pre-Hispanic Womb Healing With Crystal Dorado

In this episode, we welcome Crystal Dorado, a traditional healer and owner of Verde Holistic Wellness Studio in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Crystal carries on her family’s legacy of Mesoamerican healing arts, taught by her grandparents, and has mastered traditional Sobadas, plant medicine, and spiritual healing arts. She is also a Reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, and intuitive who has explored the Akashic records. Her mission is to reclaim and share her ancestral knowledge, empowering others through holistic wellness.

Rediscovering Ancestral Medicine

Crystal Dorado shares the significance of pre-Hispanic womb healing, a practice that reconnects us with our bodies and ancestral traditions. By embracing this ancient wisdom, we can empower and transform our health and overall well-being. Modern wellness can greatly benefit from the wisdom of our ancestors, reminding us of the value of supporting culturally rooted practitioners and reclaiming our cultural heritage.

Crystal’s Influences for Becoming a Healer

Our conversation begins with an introduction to Crystal Dorado, who explains her upbringing in the Pilsen community and her journey into ancestral medicine. Her grandparents were traditional healers, or curanderos, and her exposure to this world at a young age inspired her to pursue massage therapy and reclaim ancestral knowledge. In a heartfelt exchange, Crystal shares how traditional womb healing plays a crucial role in women’s health. She explains that the uterus and ovaries are supported by ligaments and that ancestral massages help keep the uterus healthy and in place. Women in her family practiced rituals like wearing a faja after pregnancy and avoiding cold floors to support uterine health. Crystal highlights the wisdom of our ancestors in recognizing the womb as sacred and essential to life.

Bridging Modern and Ancestral Practices

The conversation delves into the importance of reclaiming and balancing ancestral practices with modern medical perspectives. Crystal emphasizes the need to develop a relationship with our wombs and bodies, honoring the sacredness of life that comes from within us. Our Indigenous ancestors revered women as intuitive beings with the power of creation, which modern society often neglects. Crystal passionately advocates for supporting practitioners of color and understanding the cultural roots of healing practices. She encourages seeking holistic healers within local communities to reclaim and pass down traditional knowledge.

Personal Testimonials

Crystal shares powerful testimonials of women who have experienced the benefits of pre-Hispanic womb massage. Success stories include women who have struggled with IVF or miscarriages and found solace and support through holistic approaches. By strengthening the womb and reconnecting with ancestral wisdom, these women have achieved healthier pregnancies and overall well-being.

Embracing All Stages of Life

Crystal emphasizes that pre-Hispanic womb healing is not limited to any particular stage of life. It can be practiced pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, postpartum, and even during menopause. Each stage of a woman’s life brings unique opportunities for healing, connecting with one’s body, and honoring the cycles of life. For those interested in reclaiming ancestral medicine, Crystal offers practical advice. She encourages practicing self-massage, using castor oil packs, and exploring Yoni steaming to enhance feminine health and well-being.

Supporting Cultural Heritage

In addition to her work at Verde Holistic Wellness Studio, Crystal organizes retreats and conscious travel experiences to connect with Indigenous communities and reclaim traditional healing practices. Her efforts support local communities, providing opportunities for women to celebrate their heritage and access education. Crystal urges us to remember the profound knowledge our ancestors possessed. She advocates for respecting and supporting practitioners of color, and she highlights the role of women as healers and the foundation of society.

Final Thoughts

As the conversation concludes, Crystal offers a beautiful meditation exercise, encouraging women to connect with their wombs and listen to the wisdom within. She reminds us of the power of ancestral medicine, which has been passed down through generations and remains relevant today. Crystal’s journey and mission inspire us to reclaim our cultural heritage, honor our bodies, and support one another in the pursuit of holistic wellness. By embracing ancestral medicine, we can empower ourselves and future generations, ensuring that our traditions and knowledge continue to thrive.

Episode Show Notes

In this episode, Crystal Dorado, owner of Verde Holistic Wellness Studio, discusses her mission to reclaim and share ancestral medicine, specifically pre-Hispanic womb healing. Raised in a lineage of traditional healers, Crystal delves into the importance of developing a relationship with the womb and how this ancient practice can support modern motherhood. She provides insights on the benefits of womb massage, traditional healing rituals, and how these practices tie into cultural identity, femininity, and spirituality.

Crystal also highlights the significance of supporting BIPOC healers and sustaining these traditions for future generations. Additionally, she shares personal testimonials and explores the holistic services offered at her wellness studio.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

  • The benefits of womb healing.
  • How this practice supports women’s reproductive health and well-being.
  • How the pre-Hispanic womb massage can connect to larger themes of femininity, spirituality, and cultural identity.

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About Crystal Dorado, LMT, RMT, CST, ARP

As founder of Verde Holistic Wellness Studio, Crystal leads with a deep commitment to her community. She curates unique rituals that provide a space for profound healing and self-discovery. Utilizing a diverse wellness toolkit, Crystal creates a supportive environment where individuals can address their unique needs and intentions. Crystal’s passion extends beyond the treatment room. She honors the wisdom of ancestral medicine, fostering a space for ancestral reconnection and a renewed sense of wholeness. Her unwavering compassion and commitment ensure an unforgettable experience for all who seek Verde’s transformative offerings.

Born and raised in Pilsen, she established Verde in 2011 with a mission to bring accessible holistic wellness to those around her. Verde Esenciales embodies this commitment, offering a sensory experience that complements Verde’s transformative treatments. Crystal is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Recorders Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist, and Abdominal/Womb Massage Therapist.

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