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Episode 79: The Power of Meditation in Parenting and Self-Care with Yvonne Hernandez

As parents, it often feels like we’re running on fumes. Balancing the needs of our children while trying to maintain our own well-being can be an immense challenge. In a recent interview, Yvonne Hernandez, a Chopra certified meditation teacher, shared her journey and the impact meditation has had on her life and parenting. Yvonne’s mission is incredibly inspiring: to teach meditation to 1 million children.

Finding Balance

Yvonne’s journey with meditation began as a necessity. In 2003, after moving from Texas to California, she developed vitiligo, an autoimmune deficiency disorder triggered by stress. This condition led her on a path of self-discovery, seeking ways to alleviate her stress and ultimately finding solace in meditation. Yvonne’s transformative journey is a testament to meditation’s power, not just for herself, but for her entire family. Through meditation, Yvonne found her melanin returning – a physical manifestation of her healing journey. It’s a reminder that our well-being is deeply interconnected with our mental and emotional state.

The Benefits of Meditation for Families

According to Yvonne, meditation offers numerous benefits for both parents and children, including:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better focus
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Boosted creativity
  • Enhanced self-compassion

For children, these benefits are critical as they navigate the complexities of growing up. Meditation helps children feel more connected to themselves, fostering emotional intelligence and self-regulation.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Meditation into Your Family’s Routine

Yvonne offers practical ways to introduce meditation into daily life, especially for time-pressed parents:

1. Deep Breathing

Simple yet effective, taking deep breaths can be a powerful tool. “Take a deep breath,” Yvonne advises, “because we run on very little oxygen.” Taking deep breaths together, particularly during stressful moments, can help both parents and children regulate their nervous systems.

2. Mindfulness During Routine Activities

Incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities. For instance, while washing hands, take deep breaths instead of singing a song. In the car, use red lights as a cue to take deep breaths together.

3. Modeling Behavior

Parents should model the behavior they wish to see. Taking a moment to breathe deeply and remain calm in stressful situations teaches children to do the same.

4. Evening Wind Down

At night, having a calming routine can help children sleep better. For younger kids, using their favorite stuffed animal as part of the routine can make meditation more engaging.

Practical Tips for Parents

For parents feeling overwhelmed, Yvonne emphasizes the importance of self-care. “It is your birthright to rest,” she insists. “Take five minutes in the bathroom, lock the door if you need to, and just breathe.” Understanding that taking care of oneself is not selfish but necessary for being the best parent possible is vital.

Reaching One Million Children

Yvonne’s platform, Decide Balance, offers a safe space for families to learn and practice meditation together. Her mission to reach one million children is not just about teaching meditation but about creating a ripple effect in communities.

Redefining Madrehood Through Meditation

Yvonne believes that prioritizing oneself as a parent is pivotal. By nurturing their inner peace, parents can be fully present and supportive to their families. Yvonne Hernandez’s journey is a powerful reminder of meditation’s transformative power. Whether you’re a parent looking for ways to manage stress or seeking to instill mindfulness in your children, the advice and techniques shared by Yvonne can be incredibly beneficial. Her platform, Decide Balance, is a valuable resource for any family looking to integrate meditation into their lives.

Implementing meditation into daily routines doesn’t require extensive time or resources. Small, mindful practices can lead to significant changes, fostering better emotional health for both parents and children. Yvonne’s story serves as an inspiration and a practical guide for families looking to embark on their own paths of mindful parenting.

Episode Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome Yvonne Hernandez, founder of Decide Balance and Host of the Decide Balance Podcast, a 5 – minute bilingual (English & Spanish) meditation podcast. She is also a Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Master who sought and implemented holistic healing after being diagnosed with vitiligo, a condition in which skin loses its pigmentation. 

Yvonne discusses the importance of meditation for both children and adults. She shares her personal journey with meditation, how it transformed her life and parenting, and tips on incorporating meditation into family routines. We touch on the historical roots of meditation, the misconception that it conflicts with religious beliefs, and the health benefits it provides. 

This episode emphasizes the need for self-care among parents and the positive impact of meditation on emotional regulation, especially for children. Yvonne’s goal is to teach meditation to 1 million children, promoting inner peace and better decision-making for future generations.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

  • How meditation has helped Yvonne’s parenting journey
  • Ways to incorporate meditation into your family’s lifestyle
  • Some of the benefits for meditation for kids
  • Yvonne’s mission of teaching meditation to 1 million children

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Resource Mentioned:

OASIS – a bilingual virtual safe space for families to find support as they embark on a mindfulness journey with their family. 

About Yvonne Hernández, Decide Balance

Yvonne Hernández is the Founder of Decide Balance and Host of the Decide Balance Podcast, a 5 – minute bilingual (English & Spanish) meditation podcast. She is also a Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Master who sought and implemented holistic healing after being diagnosed with vitiligo, a condition in which skin loses its pigmentation. 

Decide Balance was founded in her journey to provide tools to manage stress, anxiety and emotions for her kids’ classrooms. She is able offer this as a means for parents and children to find relief, peace and comfort in their busy lives without any disruption to their day because the goal is to relieve stress, not add to it!

Yvonne stays busy as Chief Operations Officer of Casa Hernández consisting of her husband and three Future World Changers. She is also a Girl Scout Troop leader and is an avid dancer who encourages her kids to move to their own beat.

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