Episode 8: Advocating for Multiculturalism & Bilingualism a Través de los Libros with Los Amigos Books

In this episode, we welcome Laura Rodriguez-Romani, who is the owner of Los Amigos Books, a Spanish language and bilingual bookstore for readers of all ages. She is a former dual language teacher, Spanish language instructor, and trained school librarian. Laura uses her expertise of the Spanish language and diverse children’s literature to curate a collection of books that upholds the values of authenticity and diversity. Laura aims to advocate for bilingualism and multiculturalism by providing Spanish language and bilingual books to the community and its institutions.

In my conversation with Laura, we talk about the benefits of exposing our pequenos to bilingual/Spanish only books in addition to English books. She shares tips on how you can start building a library and how to identify whether a spook was authentically written in Spanish or translated in Spanish. 

Los Amigos Books, is one of the few bilingual bookstores in the Midwest and although it is currently at a temporary location in Berwyn, Illinois until December 2022, they have an online store where they ship anywhere around th U.S. I am thrilled to share this conversation with Laura to you! I also want to inform you that the audio quality may be a little off. My internet was running slow and both Laura and I were finishing la toz, so you may hear us a bit pollonas!

Visit Los Amigos Books on ⁠their website⁠ and through their social media pages:

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