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Episode 25: How To Advocate for Bilingual Children with Juliana Shoumbert

Raising bilingual children takes a big commitment at home and as bilingual parents raising bilingual children, we want to ensure that this level of commitment extends in the classroom, at the park, in the library and everywhere else outside the home. That’s why I have a special guest with us today.

This week, we welcome Juliana Shoumbert, who is the owner of Bilingual Marketplace and Bilingual Garden, a platform full of resources for bilingual teachers and parents. She is a certified bilingual teacher and former dual language educator with more than 10 years of experience. She is also a mamá of a 2 year old and on a mission to connect more parents raising bilingual children to the resources they need. 

I have followed her social media pages for quite some time and it is amazing to see how she is helping fill in the gaps to provide helpful and educational resources to bilingual educators and parents so that we can all advocate for bilingual children.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Juliana’s platforms are helping to fill in the gaps of Spanish resources to bilingual parents and educators.
  • If we have come a long way in exposing bilingual children to literacy, culture, and language.
  • How bilingual families can advocate for their children in settings outside the home.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

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