Yesenia Servin from YS Credentialing

Episode 26: VLM Spotlight: A Working Mami with Yesenia Servin

Once we become mamás, we are faced with making many decisions that may impact our personal and professional growth. Sometimes we have to make the decision to take a pause on our career or we decide to move forward with it. There isn’t a right or wrong way in doing this, but if you want to know how a mami did it to move forward with her career and how she has built a business out of scratch all while raising two children, I invite you to listen to this Viva la Mami Spotlight episode!

Today, we welcome Yesenia Servin who is an expert in credentialing and provider/payer enrollment with over 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Yesenia is a nationally certified credentialing manager and provider enrollment specialist. 

Through her own business, YS Credentialing, Yesenia helps organizations develop and implement best practices by guiding them with the credentialing and payer enrollment structure.

Yesenia works with durable medical equipment, hospital and health systems, and community mental health organizations, global managed care organizations as well as providing revenue cycle consulting services to various healthcare providers and organizations. Among all of this, she is a mamá of two adult children and has been with her husband since she was 18 years old!

This Viva la Mami spotlight episode is catered to the newer moms who aren’t sure whether to continue with their professional goals and to the mamás that have been doubting themselves about how they can manage and balance work-life. You will leave inspired and empowered about how Yesenia has utilized her village and received the support from her family while thriving in her career. She shares so many tips and provides ways on how moms shouldn’t give up on themselves.

I’m very excited for you to hear Yesenia’s story and how this episode will set the tone for next week’s episode, where you will hear from a mindset coach who supports working mothers.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why there is a disconnect with the workforce and identity of a mother.
  • How can we do better about self-improvement and growth so that we wouldn’t put ourselves on the back burner.
  • How working moms can support other moms to continue their self and professional development.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

You can follow Yesenia Servin on ⁠LinkedIn⁠. If you are a medical professional or interested to learn more about Yesenia’s credentialing and enrollment trainings, visit her website at ⁠⁠.

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