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Episode 74: Mother’s Day Special – Lessons Learned as a Mami of Two

Mother’s Day is a special day where we celebrate the remarkable role mamás do in our lives. As we approach another Mother’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on my journey as a mother of two little ones – the joys, challenges, and valuable lessons learned along the way. Join me as I share my experiences and insights in this blog post.

Lessons Learned as a Mami of Two

Since my last Mother’s Day episode, I have been reflecting on the joys and challenges of transitioning from being a mom of one to a mom of two. This year is a lot different and I am here to share the ups and downs of juggling the responsibilities of caring for two little ones while also embracing the double dose of love that comes with mothering multiple children.

Embracing the Chaos with Double the Love

Transitioning from being a mom of one to a mom of two brought a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. The days became busier, the laundry piled up, and bedtime routines turned into unexpected adventures. But amidst the chaos, there was an overwhelming sense of love that filled our home. Watching my children grow and bond with each other has been a heartwarming experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The Art of Letting Go and Prioritizing Self-Care

One of the most significant lessons I learned was the art of letting go. With my firstborn, I was meticulous about schedules and control, but with two children, I quickly realized the importance of flexibility and following their cues. Letting go of the need for perfection allowed me to relax and enjoy precious moments with my little ones.

Self-care also became a priority on this journey. Taking a few moments for myself, whether it’s enjoying a cup of cafecito, reading a book, or simply stepping outside for fresh air, has been crucial in maintaining my well-being as a mom.

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Teamwork and Boundaries for a Happy Mama

As Latinas, we are known for our strength and independence, but motherhood taught me the importance of teamwork and setting boundaries. Delegating tasks, asking for help, and learning to say no when needed enabled me to balance the demands of motherhood and prioritize my own happiness. A happy mama leads to happy kids, and that’s a balance worth striving for.

You Are Enough: Celebrating the Imperfections

Motherhood comes with its share of doubts and insecurities, but through it all, I learned that I am enough. Comparing ourselves to idealized images of perfect families on social media only adds unnecessary pressure. Embracing our imperfections and focusing on raising strong, resilient children is truly what matters in the end.

Closing Thoughts

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I encourage all the amazing mamas out there to take a moment for themselves. Reflect on the journey you’ve been on, celebrate your wins, and remember that you are strong, resilient, and loved. Motherhood is a beautiful, chaotic, and rewarding journey, and every lesson learned along the way shapes us into the mothers we are meant to be.

Thank you for joining me on this reflection of madrehood as we navigate the ups and downs of raising our little ones. Remember, you are doing an incredible job, and your love and dedication make all the difference in the world.

Episode Show Notes

In this special Mother’s Day episode, I dive into the lessons I learned from being a mother of one to a mother of two. I share my personal experiences, challenges, and the invaluable lessons I’ve learned about love, letting go, teamwork, and embracing the chaos that comes with parenting. The episode is a blend of heartfelt advice and real talk aimed at empowering mothers to take care of themselves and join a supportive community. 

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I reflect on the importance of self-love and the incredible journey of modern Latina madrehood.

¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • My transition from one to two
  • The 5 lessons learned this year
  • Tips and heartfelt advice for Latina moms

About Jessica Cuevas

Jessica is the founder and creator of Viva la Mami, LLC a community centered around Latina motherhood. Jessica created this platform after not finding empowering stories about experiences of Latina moms. She realized that there was a lack of representation in this space and felt there was a need for mamis to share their stories and to learn more about the nuances about motherhood through a cultural lens.

Viva la Mami’s mission is to empower the modern Latina mom to redefine the meaning of madrehood through education, story-telling, and cultural relevance all while bringing comunidad together.

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