Episode 10: How a Doula Can Support You in Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Isabel Gonzalez-Smith

In this episode, we welcome Isabel (Isa) Gonzalez-Smith. She is a mother, wife, educator, community organizer, and bilingual Latina born and raised in Chicago. In addition, she is the owner of La Luna Doula, a founding member of the Chicago Birth Workers of Color Collective, and founder of Chicago Latina Moms.

In this interview, we talk about what a doula does and the benefits of having one. Isa provides an overview of what a doula does in their practice and how they can support you and your family’s goals as it relates to pregnancy, childbirth, and your postpartum journey. Isa also shares what it takes to be a doula and how she practices traditional Mexican and ancestral methods with her clients.

Isa was drawn to birth work after her first pregnancy when she had trouble finding a Spanish speaking doula in Chicago and realized that resources and accessibility were an issue for many marginalized communities. She is passionate about social justice, empowering families as they grow, and making memories with her two adventurous sons. It was a pleasure to have Isa in this interview and I am sure you are going to leave with so much wisdom after hearing our conversation!

Visit Isa’s website at ⁠lalunadoula.com⁠. If you are from the Chicago area, “Like” Chicago Latina Moms on ⁠Facebook⁠ and join the ⁠CLM Facebook Group⁠!

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