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Episode 19: How to Bring Back Your Sex Life with Sex in Spanglish

Have you ever wondered why there is so much shame about sex in the Latinx community or why these teachings and beliefs are so ingrained in us that it may affect our sex lives? If you are a mami-to-be, a new mami, or an experienced mami who is curious about having “the talk” you wish you had con tu mama, make sure to tune in because on this episode, we are going to talk about sex!

In this week’s episode we welcome Ana Lopez who is a certified, Latina sex coach and doctoral student on human sexuality (oh hey future, Doctora!). She is the founder of Sex in Spanglish. She is on a mission to help mujeres ditch the shame around sex and teaches them how to have guilt-free pleasure. She is passionate about helping her clients, which the majority of them are mamis, to bring back their sex life.

Although I cannot speak on behalf of all of us as Latina women, I’m sure that we grew up not knowing much about sex, nor our bodies. The Catholic guilt was so real to me and frankly it wasn’t until I became a mami that my sex life was revolutionized! 

I recommend that you listen to this with your partner pero without your peques because this is one of those episodes that is made para adultos only!

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why there are many misconceptions and taboos about sex within the Latinx community.
  • Why having open and honest communication about sex with your partner is important.
  • How mamis can have a better sex life after having kids.

You can connect with Ana at ⁠⁠ where you can follow her on social media as well as sign up for La Sin Vergüenza Symposium.

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