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Episode 69: Balanced Madrehood – Navigating Cultura and Modern Parenting

As a Latina mom on a mission to redefine the meaning of madrehood, I am here to guide you through the complexities of motherhood as a modern Latina mom.

Creating a Space for Us Latina Moms

At Viva la Mami, my goal is to provide you with knowledge, tools, and support to navigate the challenges and triumphs of madrehood. As a mother of two myself, I understand the unique blend of identities that often leave us feeling “ni de aquí, ni de allá.” That’s why Viva la Mami is committed to building a community where we can share our experiences and support each other on this journey.

Introducing Balanced Motherhood

One of the projects that I’m most excited about is the Balanced Motherhood coaching program. This program is designed specifically for Latina moms like you and me. It’s a three-month journey focused on addressing the challenges we face as bicultural Latina moms and helping us embrace our evolving identities.

Focus Areas of Balanced Motherhood

In the Balanced Motherhood program, we dive into three key areas that are essential for our growth and well-being:

  1. Self-care for Latina moms: We explore ways to prioritize self-care practices that are tailored to our unique needs as Latina moms.
  2. Embracing our evolving identity: From navigating life transitions to embracing our bicultural heritage, we delve into what it means to be a Latina mom in today’s world.
  3. Establishing healthy boundaries within our family: We learn how to set boundaries and foster healthy relationships within our families, aligning with our cultural values.

Benefits of Joining the Program

When you join the Balanced Motherhood program, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources to support your journey:

  • Three months of engaging group coaching sessions
  • Thoughtfully curated prep work materials and monthly homework assignments
  • A private group chat where you can connect with other Latina moms in the program
  • One-on-one support calls for personalized attention and guidance

Special Guests and Community Support

To enrich our program experience, we have invited guests to share their expertise:

  • Maribel Robles from Hijas Bellas will guide us on setting boundaries with our familia.
  • Andrea Zuniga from the Journey Lab will lead a free online yoga session, promoting holistic well-being for moms.

Join Me on This Empowering Journey

By participating in the Balanced Motherhood program, you can take the first step towards embracing your identity, setting boundaries, and finding balance in your journey as a Latina mom. This isn’t just a coaching program; it’s a community of strong, supportive mujeres coming together to redefine madrehood on our terms.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey with me, sign up for the Balanced Motherhood program. With flexible monthly installment options, this program is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of Latina moms seeking personal growth and community support.

I invite you to join me on this empowering path to redefine madrehood as a modern Latina mom. Together, we can embrace our identities, set healthy boundaries, and build a supportive community that uplifts us on our madrehood journey. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth with Viva la Mami’s Balanced Motherhood program.

Feeling overwhelmed by navigating cultural expectations and modern parenting as a Latina mom? Join Balanced Madrehood, Viva la Mami’s first signature coaching program designed to empower bicultural Latinas to create a more balanced and fulfilling madrehood journey.  Head over to to learn more and enroll today!

About Jessica Cuevas

Jessica is the founder and creator of Viva la Mami, LLC a community centered around Latina motherhood. Jessica created this platform after not finding empowering stories about experiences of Latina moms. She realized that there was a lack of representation in this space and felt there was a need for mamis to share their stories and to learn more about the nuances about motherhood through a cultural lens.

Viva la Mami’s mission is to empower the modern Latina mom to redefine the meaning of madrehood through education, story-telling, and cultural relevance all while bringing comunidad together.

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