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Episode 23: How Life Insurance Can Help Create a Legacy with Jennifer Santiago

Did you know that only 41% of Latinos have life insurance, which is lower than any other race and ethnicity. Why is that? 

Is it because sayings like “solamente nos llevamos un puño de tierra” is so ingrained in our culture or that we rely on our rich tio to contribute towards funeral costs that we often ignore the importance of creating a legacy to our children?

As Latinos, money is often a topic that is never discussed and when you bring the topic about death ni menos. However, we have to plan for our future. As a cultura we have to normalize conversations about death and one of these conversations can be about life insurance. 

On this week’s episode we welcome Jennifer Santiago, who has been in the insurance business for over 20 years. She currently owns her own insurance agency in Chicago and her goal is to educate as many Latinos on the importance of having the right insurance in place for their needs. She wants to better the future generations by giving them the right tools to navigate them into a successful future.

In this episode, Jennifer shares an overview of what life insurance is and talks about the benefits of having a life insurance policy and how we can start now to create a legacy towards the future generation ahead of us.

As mamas, not only do we have to think about the present with our kids pero tambien their future and the legacy we will leave behind. I would appreciate it if you share this episode with an amiga or hasta tu mama if they have not set up a life insurance policy. Again, this is so important so that we can break out of the cycle of financial distress.

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why the Latinx community avoids or does not consider life insurance.
  • What some of the common myths are about life insurance that come from the Latinx community.
  • What the different types of life insurance are, and when is the best time to open a life insurance plan.
  • How we can better prepare future generations as a way to build wealth for our children.

You can visit Jennifer Santiago’s website at ⁠⁠ and you can connect with her on ⁠Instagram⁠ and ⁠Facebook⁠.

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