Jessica Cuevas from Viva la Mami

Episode 40: What Childbirth Feels Like the Second Time Around

I had my second baby boy in May 2023 and have been wanting to do an episode about my childbirth experience the second time around. As a mami of two, I’d have to say that my second birth experience was so different than my first!

If you’re currently pregnant with your second or subsequent child, or if you just want to hear about my birth story, this episode will share all the details as well as how you can prepare for your next childbirth as a second-time mami.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • If the second baby comes earlier than the first.
  • If your subsequent labor will be faster and easier.
  • If your body changes drastically after the second birth.
  • Tips to prepare for your second childbirth.

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