Magaly Cordero-Dietz from Pop-Up Music School

Episode 45: VLM Spotlight: How an Afro-Latina Mami Reclaimed Her Roots Through Music with Magaly Cordero-Dietz

In this Viva la Mami Spotlight episode, we welcome Magaly Cordero-Dietz. She is a musician, educator, entrepreneur, mother, and owner of Pop-Up Music School. As a daughter of Afro-Dominican and Cuban immigrants, Magaly is passionate about sharing the music of her heritage with her students where she currently leads the choral music program at Chicago’s St. Procopius School and is the conductor of Pro Musica Youth Chorus’ Melody Makers ensemble. 

In addition, she has been performing classical music throughout the Midwest for over 15 years and is a proud member of the Chicago Symphony Chorus. 

Magaly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Northwestern University and a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts. She lives with her husband and two beautiful children in Oak Park, IL.

Join us as we explore her personal journey as an Afro-Latina and get inspired by her passion for combining cultural education with music. We also dive into Magaly’s innovative approach to teaching music and how she’s making an impact in the lives of children by incorporating Latin and Caribbean rhythms into her lessons. 

Furthermore, Magaly shares how she celebrates and maintains the rich cultural heritage of Latin America and the Caribbean through music. She emphasizes that the music platform is not just a means of education but also a deeply personal journey for exploring her roots and identity.

Magaly speaks from the heart, and her work truly shows it as I’ve seen her perform and teach through Pop-Up Music School! I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I did!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The importance of teaching children varied sounds of Latin America.
  • How Magaly manifests her identity as an Afro-Latina through music.
  • How Magaly grappled with the question, “What are you?”.
  • When Magaly reclaimed her Latinidad and African roots.

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