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Episode 59: How to Reconnect Your Passions After Baby

In the whirlwind of madrehood, our own passions can get pushed aside. Maybe you used to love painting or go out dancing con tus amigas. But now between diaper changes and bedtime stories, those activities feel like a distant memory.

I hear you mujer, I completely understand. Once I became a mami, I felt completely disconnected from the things that used to bring me joy. It’s still feels like all my energy is going towards being a mom. And there just isn’t anything left over for myself sometimes.

But guess what? Rediscovering your passions after becoming a mom is totally possible.

Drawing from my own experiences as a modern Latina mom of two, I share how motherhood shifted my priorities away from activities I loved, such as running, reading, and baking. I emphasize the importance of finding small moments for oneself amid the chaos of parenting and share strategies for incorporating hobbies and interests back into daily life.

This episode will encourage you to prioritize self-care and rediscover the joy in your pre-madrehood passions or develop new ones, highlighting that caring for yourself is not selfish but essential for a fulfilling life and madrehood experience.

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About Jessica Cuevas

Jessica is the founder and creator of Viva la Mami, LLC a community centered around Latina motherhood. Jessica created this platform after not finding empowering stories about experiences of Latina moms. She realized that there was a lack of representation in this space and felt there was a need for mamis to share their stories and to learn more about the nuances about motherhood through a cultural lens.

Viva la Mami’s mission is to empower the modern Latina mom to redefine the meaning of madrehood through education, story-telling, and cultural relevance all while bringing comunidad together.

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