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Episode 67: Rekindling Sex and Intimacy Post-Baby with Ana Lopez from Sex in Spanglish

In today’s episode, I’m excited to have Ana Lopez rejoin us, bringing her invaluable insights and fresh updates since her last appearance in Episode 19. Ana is a proud Latina, a distinguished sexologist, certified sex and life coach, and a keen smut consultant. Drawing from her rich background in therapy and coaching, she dedicates her life to sexually liberating women, especially within the Latina community, by challenging the sex-negative narratives that overshadow our natural desire for pleasure. Through her business, Sex in Spanglish, Ana aims to provide culturally relevant sex education that not only addresses the individual’s needs and values but also encourages open discussions about sex, much like our favorite chismes.

In this conversation, we explore the complex journey new parents undergo to reconnect sexually after welcoming a baby. Covering everything from emotional and physical transformations to the significance of understanding one’s body anew, Ana offers her expertise on navigating these challenges. She shares groundbreaking advice on preparing for postpartum sex, dealing with body image issues, and the importance of open communication with partners.

Embracing Change and Exploring Intimacy

Becoming a parent is inundated with emotional, physical, and relationship transformations. Ana Lopez shares her groundbreaking advice on preparing for postpartum sex, addressing body image issues, and the significance of open communication with partners. Through her business, Sex in Spanglish, Ana aims to liberate and educate, encouraging culturally relevant discussions on sexuality that transcend traditional taboos.

The Journey to Reconnection

Rekindling intimacy postpartum involves navigating various challenges — from the grieving of one’s past life to the exciting and daunting task of rediscovering one’s body and desires. Ana emphasizes the importance of expecting changes and preparing both mentally and physically for this new chapter. Her insights into the reasons behind the reluctance towards postpartum sex shed light on the common yet seldom-discussed struggles new moms face.

Breaking the Silence Around Sex

Ana’s consultation work with authors aims at enriching literature with diverse, sex-positive narratives. This is a testament to her commitment to reshaping the discourse around sex, making it inclusive, engaging, and empowering.

Guidance for New Moms

In this episode, Ana offers tangible advice for new moms grappling with the shift in their sex lives. From the significance of scheduling intimacy to the benefits of active meditation and the powerful act of delegating mental and physical load, Ana’s tips are designed to facilitate a smoother transition into postpartum sexuality.

Opening a Dialogue

Ana encourages having open and honest conversations with partners about sex post-baby. She highlights the importance of setting realistic expectations and understanding each other’s needs and concerns. Ana’s approach to initiating these discussions outside the bedroom, fully clothed, and in a neutral space, paves the way for a more comfortable and constructive dialogue.

Embracing Self-Care and Delegation

Ana poignantly notes that managing the invisible labor that often falls on mothers is crucial for reclaiming one’s sexuality. By prioritizing self-care, delegating tasks, and letting go of perfectionism, moms can create space in their lives for intimacy and pleasure.

Finding Support and Empowerment

From one-on-one coaching to her group program, Ana offers a safe space for Latinas to discuss, learn, and empower themselves about their sexuality. Her eBook, “Just Don’t Get Pregnant and Other Dichos: A Latina’s Guide to Deconstructing Cultural Messaging and Enjoying Sex,” serves as an additional resource for women seeking to understand and embrace their sexual desires within and beyond the context of motherhood.


Our conversation with Ana Lopez from Sex in Spanglish was not only enlightening but profoundly moving. Emphasizing the emotional and physical journey toward rekindling intimacy post-baby, Ana provides a roadmap filled with understanding, patience, and open communication. As we continue to redefine the meaning of motherhood in modern Latina culture, conversations like these play a pivotal role in empowering women to navigate the complexities of motherhood and sexuality with confidence and grace.

Remember, mamas, you’re not alone in this journey. Whether it’s finding time for intimacy amidst the chaos or reconnecting with your partner and yourself, there’s a community and resources out there to support you. Let’s continue to create comunidad and support each other through all seasons of our motherhood journey.

Show Notes

In this episode we are joined once again by Ana Lopez from Sex in Spanglish. Ana Lopez, a sexologist and certified sex and life coach, discusses the critical journey new parents face in reconnecting sexually after the arrival of a baby. The conversation delves deep into the emotional and physical transformations that occur during the postpartum period and the significance of reacquainting ourselves with our body. 

Ana shares advice on preparing for postpartum sex, managing body image issues, and the vital role of open communication with partners. This episode breaks down cultural barriers surrounding the topic of sex and offers practical tips for navigating these challenges, aiming to empower listeners to rediscover pleasure and intimacy in their relationships.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

  • The top reasons behind postpartum sexual challenges.
  • How cultural perspectives affect sex and desire.
  • How to initiate conversations about sex with your partner post-baby.
  • How to manage the mental load as moms and in order to enhance the focus back to intimacy.

Resources Mentioned on the Episode:

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About Our Guest

Ana Lopez, owner and founder of Sex in Spanglish

Ana Lopez is a proud Latina, sexologist, certified sex & life coach, and smut consultant. Her purpose in life is to sexually liberate women everywhere but she holds a special place in her heart for la comunidad Latina. Ana’s work includes destigmatizing sexual pleasure and desire and encouraging Latinas to talk about sex just like they do with chisme.

She is the owner of Sex in Spanglish whose mission is to provide culturally-relevant sex ed that centers the individual and their personal desires and values while shifting the sex negative narratives that pose as a barrier to true, guilt-free pleasure. As a coach Ana utilizes her background in therapy, cutting edge research, and coaching techniques to aid women in getting to the root of their sexual frustrations while teaching them to utilize the only pleasure tool they will ever need: the mind. As a smut consultant, Ana helps authors writing sex scenes maintain their unique writing style without perpetuating sex negative narratives. Ana wholeheartedly believes that sex positivity can be sexy!

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